SARAH: Let's dance!
CHUCK: I'm not really a dancer.

Chuck x Sarah Meme ϟ [1/4] Dances

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therealyvonnestrahovski: Surfing in England. #OhYesIDidEvenThoughItWasTenDegreesCelsiusAndIFrozeMyBunsOff

therealyvonnestrahovski: Surfing in England. #OhYesIDidEvenThoughItWasTenDegreesCelsiusAndIFrozeMyBunsOff

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CIA Agent in Custody Commits Suicide 



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therealyvonnestrahovski: All glamour here on the set of 24 #24lad

therealyvonnestrahovski: All glamour here on the set of 24 #24lad

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 asked: chuck bartowski or sarah walker

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'24: Live Another Day' Movie Trailer [x]

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24: Live Another Day - ‘Jack Is Back’ Special [watch/download]
"I play Kate Morgan, a CIA agent. We meet her as she’s packing up because she’s been demoted." "Her husband was revealed to be a traitor selling secrets to the Chinese and she’s about to be transformed back to the States." "Before that, she was a pretty great field agent, very impulsive and one of the best that they had." "She sees capturing Bauer as her way redeeming herself." "She has instincts that are very in sync with Jack Bauer when he was a young agent and goes a long way to proving herself to be reestablished as part of my crew." "She asks to go head to head with Jack and that’s not easy to do for anybody to do." "Eric Ritter arrived at the station to take Kate’s job when she transfers out and he’s impatiently waiting." "Eric thinks that Kate is not fit to the job. She may have been at one point but not any longer, and he is and he’ll do it well."the cast and producers on Kate Morgan

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Carol Casting 




I do get asked that a lot, but I don’t expect you to know that.  I usually say Yvonne Strahovski because I loved CHUCK and I think she looks a lot like the Carol that lives in my head.

There are a TON of actresses working right now who would be cool choices. 

But the truth is my dream cast is a young Kathleen Turner. 

Where is that T6 time machine when you need it?

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